Back to the Future party 2015

In 1985 Marty McFly went to rescue the fate of his son (Marty McFly jr) by travelling forward in time with Emmett Brown (doc) in the Delorean to October 21st 2015. This date is now only 2 years away and is a day to celebrate one of the best movies ever. I encourage Back to the Future parties all over the world.
BYO hoverboard

This is a public event. Invite your friends. Host your own party.

The Only Pi Day of Our Lives

“Yes, the time is upon us. Everyone knows pi day is March 14th, but any true nerd realizes pi is not 3.14, but rather an irrational constant which continues infinitely in decimal expansion. Starting at 9:26:53 (.589… sec) AM, the longest extended Pi Day of our lives will come into action. The date, at the AM and PM hours, will be ” 3/14/15 at 9:26:53.589. Days like this only come once in a lifetime!
It is understood 1592 was a better year. This was probably the greatest pi day in history. Every 100 years (1915, 2015, 2115 etc) come the next closest pi days. It is also understood there are other minor pi days (be creative). Yes, 22/7 is pi approximation day — But it’s not that accurate! I wrote this just for all you people who like to find missing details written in nerd events. I’m sure you’ll still find more ;)

If you’re a nerd, you will invite ANY other nerd you know :D

Invite all your friends and let’s make this the number one nerd event on facebook ;)

Pi =
4*Sum[(-1)^i/ (2*i+1) ,{i,0, infinity}]
= 4*( 1 – 1/3 + 1/5 – 1/7 + 1/9-…)

This formula can be derived using the Taylor series for arctan via integration, namely arctan[x] = integral[1/(1+t^2),{t,0,x}]
and writing 1/(1+t^2) as a geometric sum with generator -t^2.

***We recently have begun selling some epic wrist bands (like the yellow livestrong ones etc) that have pi day information. “Pi Day 3/14/15 9:26:53…” For more information visit

In memory of a dear friend, Jarrod Newton… 3/14 /87 – 08/26/2011

GTTES 2015

1st Global Textile Technology & Engineering Show 2015From January 20-22, 2015

Workshop: “SHAKESPEARE AND CLOWNS” – Brisbane, Australia – January 2015

I.S.A.A.C. – International School for Acting And Clown presents:
JANUARY 5 -22 – 2015

The most enduring clown acts in history are those created by William Shakespeare and company.

This workshop will have 4 sections:
a) thorough warm-up for mind, body, creative spirit “The Four Articulations for Performance and Creativity”
b) class in discovering and acting Shakespearean text, characters, plays “Playing With the Play”
c) Scene Study/Rehearsal – “Shakespeare’s Enduring Use of Comedy” – many layers more profound than simply the named clown character roles
d) rehearsal and performance of select scenes – Directed by Dr. Ira Seidenstein.

The end of course invite-only showing will be Thursday January 22 (afternoon).

Shakespeare worked with at least two of the Elizabethan theatre’s greatest clowns and with them created some of the longest lasting clown characters. These two master clowns brought a sense of mirth that is entwined within most, and perhaps all, of Shakespeare’s plays.
Ira has lived and researched this integration through much of his 40 years in theatre.

He considers “Shakespeare as a treasure chest” of theatre, acting, dramaturgy, and clown. As is reported repeatedly Ira’s workshops are life changing experiences. Certainly, in this brief 3-week intensive you will enter a rare world in which Ira reveals what is hidden not only in the texts but in the subconscious nature of acting.

“SHAKESPEARE AND CLOWNS – I.S.A.A.C.” which is the sixth annual Quantum Clown Residency is held in Brisbane.
Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm. Fridays 8am to noon.
Participants in past QCRs have been from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Adelaide, Brisbane as well as International each year.

To apply write directly to

There are also a variety of articles about Shakespeare, clown, acting on Ira’s blog:


Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Hi folks, it will be 25 years since we all passed out of our Alma mater, how about going back to school for one year again, but yes wearing a different hat.

This initiative is for the sole purpose of reliving our childhood and getting back to our roots. Those 10/ 12 years that we have lived together everyday for 6 hours daily won’t ever come back.

But the memories are plenty and still fresh in our minds, our lives may have taken the routes to prosperity but our souls still lies here within our city that is Thane.

Imagine if we have to relive not just one day but to relive the whole school year what would you do ?. to make this plan a success please drop in your thought on –
what we should do in this year of school? ,

It could be charity, walk , meet or philanthropy.. we intend to culminate it with a get together maybe in Dec 14 or Jan 15 , so that our good friends from across the globe can plan in advance their travel plans. That date also needs to decided in unanimity by July 14

We have been apart for 25 years now lets unite for the next 25 years.

Eating What You Grow

THIS IS NOT AN EVENT. This is an extension of BLOOMS where we post pics of the “food we grow” Feel free to post recipes, pictures of the food you prepare with the produce from your kitchen garden. This is a place to encourage everyone to grow more food in whatever space one has, be it a small window, balcony, terrace or a farm. By posting pictures of all the food you make, using your garden vegetables you encourage fellow members to grow more. All the best and may we take giant strides in our journey towards self sufficiency.

Sunburn Goa 2014

Early bird tickets are SOLD OUT. Next phase of tickets coming soon.
Catch all the highlights from Sunburn Goa 2013 with the official aftermovie here>

Get ready as we unleash plans for our 8th year, bringing the biggest and most sought-after names in electronic music to Goa.

The 7th season saw ecstatic crowds entertained by superstar DJs including Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack,Swedish House Mafia, Nicky Romero and Avicii, smashing dancefloor anthems across seven monolithic arenas at one of the words most coveted holiday destinations.

Held in late December, Sunburn Goa acts as the perfect haven for those hoping to escape cooler climates and fully immerse themselves in world-class electronic music. Not only does Sunburn provide the perfect soundtrack to round-off the year, but festival goers can also let loose with a range of adrenaline powered activities such as bungee jumping, volleyball and zorbing, offering the ultimate holiday experience.

With last years early bird tickets selling out in an unprecedented four minutes and a bigger and bolder phase one line-up to be announced in October, Sunburn Festival 2014 looks set to be its most impressive to date.

Follow us on:

Desuri Premier League (Borana Cup) 2014

Venue: Thane Stadium, Mumbai.

Team Names:
1. Borana Kings XI
2. Ved Mehta Royals
3. Kagrecha Super Kings
4. Nahar Knight Riders
5. Sundesha Sunrisers
6. Ved Mehta Daredevils
7. NCP Challengers
8. Ostwal Indians

Cup Sponsorship:
Prakash/Mahavir Borana & Family (Silverstone Group)

Organised by:
Shri Shantinath Jain Yuva Mandal (Desuri-Mumbai)

5th International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer (ICSCC-2014): Proliferation, Differentiation and Apoptosis

5th ICSCC-2014 (JNU Convention Centre, New Delhi, India) will have Oral and Poster presentations on various aspects of cancer research, cancer therapeutics, cancer diagnostics, anti-cancer drugs, molecular markers for cancer and stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, cardiac and neuronal stem cells, cancer stem cells, epigenetic regulation of cancer and stem cells, stem cell therapy, clinical trials on stem cells for treating human and animal diseases, application of nanotechnology in stem cells and cancer research, nanomedicine for cancer and allied diseases, and other topics related to stem cells and cancer research & treatment. Proliferation, differentiation & apoptosis of all types of stem cells/cancer cells and basic/applied research on DNA replication, DNA damage and repair mechanisms will also be covered in the 5th ICSCC-2014.
More information is available at